Monday, March 8, 2010

A Ruling Elder at Presbytery

Ruling Elders, here is an example follow. RE Terry Altstiel (PCA) gave a speech on the floor of Presbytery against the non-action of his Presbytery in a certain case. TE Wes White prefaces the speech by stating that all too often there is a pack mentality amongst TEs: If one is "attacked" they close ranks, no matter what the accusation or if the accusation is true.

This reminds me a story my dad has told me many times. When I was a young child, we lived in Stockton, California. Every year, a certain reformed church in Sacramento (about 30 minutes drive from Stockton) would have a "Reformation Day Conference". They would bring in "big names" in the Reformed community. After one such speaker gave his talk, my dad (a Presbyterian TE) approached him to question one point he had made which my father did not believe was correct. Immediately, this speaker was surrounded by a swarm of supporters who questioned my father: "How dare you question this man!", "Who are you to question him?!?", etc. The speaker never answered my father's question. My dad uses this as an illustration of this very same pack mentality, which I have seen first hand. Teaching Elders must be questioned, they must be held accountable, no matter how nice of a guy they happen to be, or how "successful" their ministry is, or how many academic degrees they have accumulated, or how many books they've written. Ruling Elders play a vital role in keeping TEs accountable, for their own sake, our own sake, and the sake of those under our care.

Oh, the speaker my dad wanted to question? Harold Camping.

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  1. Excellent addition to my post. That's an amazing story. I greatly appreciate you telling it.