Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Erskine Granted Temporary Restraining Order Against ARP

I was in the middle of typing up a different post, when I saw this.

I had long suspected that those who hate the ARP would attempt to steal Erskine from us, so this doesn't come as a total surprise. I am somewhat surprised that a judge actually allowed this restraining order to be issued. (I guess "separation of church and state" only goes one way, huh?)

I am, however, confident, that the ARP will come out on top of all this.

But, remember this, ARP: Discipline is ugly, painful, and long. And those being disciplined know this. Yes, they may have deluded themselves into thinking they actually have a chance to win this thing, but I do not believe that is the actual, underlying motive. The root motive is this: the ARP doesn't like to discipline Erskine (or anyone else: Pastors, missionaries, etc). But, the ARP is taking action on the Erskine issue. Therefore, make the Erskine issue a bitter taste in the mouths of the ARP, and they will be that much more reluctant to handle issues of discipline in the future. The outcome? 30 more years of doing whatever one wants without denominational interference.

Elders in the ARP (I'm talking to both Teaching and Ruling Elders): Steel yourselves. Understand that discipline is necessary for the health of the church. You have done well thus far with the Erskine issue, but do not let this tantrum being thrown by the former Board and Administration (and whoever else may be involved) make you hesitant, even for a moment, to exercise discipline in the future.

And: See this through to the very end. Those who sought this restraining order ought to be looking for new employment. Not one more dollar of ARP tithe ought to be used to fund this sort of open mockery of the ARP.

PS- The Heidelblog has also picked up on this story, and you can read some good comments there. Here is the link.

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  1. Well said, Seth.

    Remember, the only fights against liberalism which God has blessed over the past century are those in which those who stood for the orthodox truth fought like crazy. He has never blessed those who refused to do the hard work of disciplining and firing.