Wednesday, March 3, 2010

One Less Ruling Elder, and...

...there would not be any news coming out of Bonclarken right now.

One of the reasons I've started this blog, is to encourage Ruling Elders to be more involved in church issues beyond their local congregations. That is, I believe Ruling Elders ought to take a more active role in the Presbytery and Synod/General Assembly levels of the church. I think I am justified in this by the news that the Called Meeting of the ARP Synod, taking place right now in Flat Rock, NC, was only one Ruling Elder away from not having a quorum. That means, if one less Ruling Elder had shown up, if one of those Ruling Elders had decided that family issues, work, or the weather were too much, the tremendous issues arising from Erskine College and Seminary would not have been dealt with.

It has been said that for evil to triumph all that is required is for good men to do nothing. Thank the Lord there were just enough men willing to show up for this meeting to happen. I continue to pray that they may do some good.


  1. Looks like the Synod is going to deal with things at Erskine in a decisive way. I'm praying for those who love biblical orthodoxy to triumph at Erskine.

  2. Good point, Seth. I think that you are doing a great work here in calling REs to remember their important duty.

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the decision.

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  5. I have been a ruling elder for 11 years in the PCA. I once attended a an ARP Church and dearly hope the ARP decides in favor of Orthodoxy at Erskine College and Seminary and rid themselves of any liberals lurking about. I attended Geneva College and shortly before I arrived there the RPCNA (Covenanters) decided to keep the school orthodox and had all the faculty sign a Christian document to weed out the liberals. There was only one liberal left my freshman year and she retired that year. Let liberals in and humanists will rule leaving do distinction to the two institutions of higher education. It will become like the state universities where immorality reigns and students will be taught without the knowledge and the wisdom of God.