Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Remember our brothers in the PCA

TE Wes White (PCA), has posted an article at his blog describing the opinion of one PCA pastor who thinks we need to be reconciled to Rome. Literally. As in, recognize the Pope as "first among equals" and put ourselves under the authority of bishops (in the episcopal sense, not the biblical sense).

We in the ARP have our own issues we need to work through, but let's not forget that our brethren in the PCA also have significant battles they are waging. I know there are many PCA members and elders praying for the ARP, right now. Let us also remember the PCA in our prayers, that they would be able to deal justly with these false teachings.

Just one comment on TE White's article. It is not surprising to me that FV teachings lead to Rome. What is surprising is the unbridled openness with which Craig Higgins (the PCA pastor who is the focus of Rev. White's piece) makes his proposal. Has he no fear of consequences? Does he not remember a single one of his ordination vows? Are his fingers still crossed? Or is he just testing the limits, seeing what exactly he can get away with? It is my hope that the PCA lets him know exactly how much of this nonsense they will tolerate, and I hope it is a very, very small amount.

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  1. Seth, Craig Higgins was my RUF campus minister while I was in college. This makes me very sad to hear.