Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Latest Issue of ARPTalk is out

Included in this issue is:


(27.1.1) Resolution of Commendation of the Investigatory Commission on Erskine College and Seminary Passed by Northeast Presbytery (ARP)

(27.1.2) Letter from Andy Putnam – The Editor wishes to thank the Rev. Andy Putnam for his clarifications.

(27.1.3) A Love Letter Straight from Bill Crenshaw’s Heart – The Editor has heard of Dr. Crenshaw’s love notes, and now he is the recipient of one of them.

(27.2) A FEW THOUGHTS CAPTURED FROM FACEBOOK – These leave the Editor nearly speechless.

(27.3) A JUSTIFICATION FOR LAWSUITS: Paul and the Issue of Litigation in 1 Corinthians 6, by James Hering, PhD – This article in Erskine Action is nothing more than self-serving tripe in a pitiful attempt to cover disloyalty to the ARP Church. Does Dr. Hering make legitimate points? Of course! However, the main point of his writing must not be missed. The promulgation of such nonsense by Dr. Michael Bush, the blog-master on the Erskine Theological Seminary website, makes it abundantly clear that drastic and far-reaching changes at Erskine Seminary are necessary.

(27.4) AN OPEN LETTER TO THE EXECUTIVE BOARD OF SYNOD BY DOUG PETERSEN: Reflections on the Special Commission on Erskine College and the March 2-3, 2010 Called Meeting of General Synod, by Rev. Doug Petersen – Incredible!


Get it here.

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