Saturday, March 27, 2010

ARPTalk, E-mail 3

Rev. Chuck Wilson has published the latest ARPTalk E-mail. You can read it here. In it, he raises some interesting questions regarding the court proceedings from this week, as well as the motivations of those former Erskine Board members who are suing the ARP. Take for example the seemingly contradictory testimonies of Drs. Young and Taylor. Dr. Young affirmed that Erskine was a Christian college. But, says, Rev. Wilson:

In contrast, Dr. Taylor stated that the Erskine Board/College is NOT a “Christian institution.” If that is the case, that news is going to be a surprise to the General Synod of the ARP Church. The Editor seems to remember that Erskine trustees are asked to give assent to a document concerning adherence to evangelical Christina faith.

The disagreement of Drs. Taylor and Young on this matter was interesting to hear. Neither man seems to understand the stated mission of Erskine.
Rev. Wilson goes on to write:

The attorneys for Drs. Taylor and Young and Mr. Chesnut contended that “irreparable harm” had been done to them and the other trustees who were removed from the Board by the action of General Synod. The nature of this “irreparable harm” then became clear from the testimony of Drs. Taylor and Young: THEIR FEELINGS WERE HURT because they were not chosen to serve on the Interim Board. Is this nothing more than a nuisance lawsuit by two angry ARP elders against the very Church to which they have vowed submission!
Head on over to ARPTalk to read the whole thing.

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