Friday, March 12, 2010

Erskine and ARP News Roundup

The news (and rumors) out of South Carolina are flying around fast this week. In an attempt to keep it all in order (a very Presbyterian thing to do), here are links to the most relevant/latest news items:

As I mentioned yesterday, Erskine (specifically, the chairman of the former Board of Trustees of Erskine, Mr. Scott Mitchell), attained a restraining order against the ARP on Wednesday.

That, of course, generated a flurry of commentary/news items. Here are some of those:

The Aquila Report: BREAKING NEWS: South Carolina Judge issues temporary restraining order against the ARP Synod from calling meetings of the Interim Board of Trustees

Heidelblog: Erskine College Officials Obtain TRO Against ARP Synod

ARPTalk: Extra 7!

Gairney Bridge: Modern Day Corinthians?

Gairney Bridge: Breaking News

The Aquila Report: Update on Erskine College Lawsuit - Thursday Afternoon

Then, yesterday, the ARP's Moderator's Committee held a Q&A on the campus of Erskine. Here are links describing what happened there:

Greenville Online: Erskine Meeting Gets Heated Over Board Ouster

Gairney Bridge: The Culture of Intimidation

Today there is a rumor that the whole lawsuit by Erskine against the ARP may be dropped. The rumor is apparently based, at least in part, on a comment left on this article on "The State" newspaper's article on the Erskine issue:

The State: Dispute at Erskine leads to lawsuit (see the comment by "AttorneyinSC" whose comments on other stories related to Erskine are not supportive of the ARP).

That comment generated the following:

The Aquila Report: BREAKING NEWS: Erskine Lawsuit may be withdrawn

That comment, plus some other, unnamed sources, resulted in this:

Gairney Bridge: Please Pause for Prayer

In the midst of all this, I'd like to point out two good articles on the whole Erskine Issue. The first from an Erskine grad (Mackay Smith, class of '06):

Mackay Smith: Thoughts on Erskine College and Seminary

The second is a piece by Joel Belz in World Magazine (who had previously published the article "Looking for a Miracle" commenting on the Erskine issues last year):

World Magazine: Reclaiming Erskine

So, as you can see, there is a lot going on in ARP-dom this week. Much prayer is needed and appreciated!

I'll be sure to update if the rumor about the lawsuit being dropped is confirmed.