Monday, March 15, 2010

Lest we become too distracted

Taking a break, for the moment, from the Erskine news, I'd like to point out something that was recently brought to my attention. The Northeast Presbytery of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (of which my church is a part) is active in seven church plants at the moment, with two new plants in the works. I am told that this does not take into account the work of our Korean brothers in our Presbytery. The plants are located in Arizona (1), California (1), Maryland (2), Pennsylvania (2), and West Virginia (1).

I hope this little bit of news will be an encouragement to those in the ARP (and others) who feel overburdened by all that is going on with Erskine right now. Christ's Church continues to conquer! Praise be to God!

(HT: Backwoods Presbyterian)

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