Saturday, March 20, 2010

Erskine and ARP News Roundup, Part 2

As the week winds down, I feel it necessary to highlight the week's news regarding Erskine and the ARP.

Rev. Wilson at ARPTalk, posted another e-mail on Monday: ARPTalk(E-Mail-2)

The details of the suit against the ARP have been posted on the Aquila Report: Erskine College, Plaintiff, vs. General Synod of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian General Synod, Inc., Defendant

That same day, the Erskine Alumni Association joined the suit, as reported here: Erskine Alumni Association joins lawsuit against ARP Synod

The Greenwood, SC newspaper reported on some of the details of the Called Meeting of the ARP Synod, that had heretofore not been made public: Synod meeting began Erskine power struggle

Rev. Fred Greco, Senior Pastor of Christ Church PCA in Katy, TX published an opinion piece in The Aquila Report based on 1 Corinthians 6: What is at Risk in the Erskine Lawsuit?

In what seems to be a direct reply to Rev. Greco, Dr. Hering, a professor at Erskine Seminary, wrote a paper on 1 Cor. 6: Dr. Hering examines litigation in 1 Corinthians 6

On Tuesday, the Erskine Board voted to drop the suit: Erskine Board affirms need to find answers, but votes to drop lawsuit

But, then the Alumni Association voted to go forward with the suit: Christian College Trustee Withdraws Suit Against Founding Denomination

A couple of Erskine Alumni expressed their disgust with this action of the Alumni Association. One response is here: An Open Letter to Mr. J. David Chestnut, President of the Erskine College Alumni Association, Regarding Erskine College-v-ARP Synod

And another, though much, much more brief, is here: Letter to Alumni Association

On Wednesday, Dr. Richard Burnett, professor of Systematic Theology at Erskine Seminary wrote an opinion piece defending Erskine: Has Erskine 'gone secular'? (my own thoughts on this piece, as well as comments from others, can be found here and here.)

Also, on Wednesday, Ken Wingate, Ruling Elder in the ARP and member of the Moderator's Commission which investigated Erskine, was the guest on the "Knowing the Truth" radio program. You can listen to the audio here: Knowing the Truth, Audio (the program was entitled "Restoring Erskine").

The Heidelblog mentioned the radio program, and got some comments on it:
The Latest on the ARP/Erskine Saga-Wed 1PM (Eastern) Live On Air

Christianity Today published a piece on the ARP/Erskine issue (although, to be honest, it didn't include much new information): Fight Between Erskine College and Its Denomination Will Head to Court

Finally, in what seems an appropriate end to the week's news regarding this issue, the Moderator of the ARP, Dr. John de Witt has expressed his shock at the way events have unfolded: Moderator of ARP Synod breaks silence; expresses shock at pending lawsuit

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