Saturday, January 29, 2011

WCF Sunday School Week 2: Of The Holy Scriptures, Part 1

Last Sunday, in the adult Sunday School class at Communion Presbyterian, we went over the first part of Chapter 1 of the Westminster Confession of Faith: "Of The Holy Scriptures." I've posted below the handout (which was the text of the Confession), as well as my notes which is a series of Scripture proofs for the different topics we covered (General Revelation, Special Revelation, and the Authority of God's Word). In addition to those, a couple of people had asked me to record the class so they could listen to it later in the week. To that end, I've posted an MP3 of the class. After all the links, I've listed a few resources for "Further Reading" if you are interested in a bit more in depth study. Remember, this Sunday we don't meet, so the following Sunday is when we will pick up with the second half of Chapter 1 and cover the topics of Preservation and Interpretation.

Week 2 Resources:

Week 2 Handout: Text of WCF, Chapter 1

Lecture Notes

Audio of Class (53MB MP3)

Further Reading:

Westminster Larger Catechism 1-6

Westminster Shorter Catechism 1-3

Belgic Confession, 2-7

Heidelberg Catechism 19

Canons of Dordt I:3, I:5, III, IV:6-8, 17; V:14

Calvin, John. Institutes of the Christian Religion, Book 1, Chapters 1-10.

Dickson, David. Truth's Victory Over Error, Questions 1-10.

Hodge, Charles. Systematic Theology, Volume 1, Introduction, Chapter 4 (“The Protestant Rule of Faith.”).

Shedd, W. G. T. Dogmatic Theology. “Part 2: Bibliology.”

Week 1 Resources

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