Monday, January 17, 2011

PCA BCO 14 Amendments Map Update

Over the weekend, six PCA Presbyteries voted on the proposed BCO Amendments. Of those 6, only 2 voted to approve the amendments, while 4 voted to reject. I've updated my map with the latest results. Click the thumbnail below to see the full-size version. Another batch of Presbyteries are set to vote tomorrow, so stay tuned for another map update!

(NOTE: The first map I put up earlier today had a couple of errors. I've corrected those and the revised, corrected map can be seen by clicking on the thumbnail below)


  1. I believe suncoast presbytery is in Florida:

  2. Andrew, you are correct. Someone pointed out a couple of other errors on the map, which I am correcting and will repost shortly. Thanks for the correction!

  3. It's hard to get a handle on this, but it SEEMS as if the big churches in the big cities are voting FOR the plan. Logically this makes sense, as the plan will tend to eliminate some of the votes of some of the smaller PCA churches, thus consolidating power in the hands of the larger churches. But I'm not sure of this, it just SEEMS that way at present, from looking at the map.