Sunday, January 16, 2011

WCF Sunday School Week 1: Syllabus and Notes

As promised (to my class), I've posted links to the class syllabus and my lecture notes for my adult Sunday School class on the Westminster Confession of Faith, below. Since we were pressed for time, you will find more information in the notes than I was able to cover in class this morning. Also, note that all the posts on my blog that are related to this class will be tagged with the "Westminster Confession of Faith Sunday School Class" tag for easy tracking.

For all the rest of you reading, I hope you find the information below helpful.

Syllabus and Week 1 Notes:


Part 1: Why A Creed? Lecture Notes

Part 2: A Brief History of the Westminster Assembly Lecture Notes

Further Reading:

Why be Confessional?: A short video produced by Westminster Seminary California.

Lecture on the History of the Westminster Assembly (Click on the link at the bottom right of the page entitled “Watch Dr. Ferguson’s First Lecture”): A lecture given by Dr. Sinclair Ferguson at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary.

Hodge, A. A. The Confession of Faith, Introduction (Chapters 1 and 2). These two chapters deal with “A Short History of Creeds and Confessions” and “Some Account of the Origin of the Westminster Confession and Catechisms.”

Letham, Robert. The Westminster Assembly: Reading its theology in Historical Context. Especially chapters 1 and 2, which deal with the historical context of the Assembly.

Next Week:

Please read Westminster Confession of Faith, Chapter 1 "Of the Holy Scriptures". Be sure to read the Scripture proofs!

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