Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Missouri Presbytery Exonerates Jeffrey Meyers

I know I mentioned this in my News Roundup earlier today, but this particular news item deserves its own entry. Jeffrey Meyers is a signatory on the Joint Federal Vision Statement (see the document here and note Jeffrey Meyers name at the bottom). The PCA has officially condemned the Federal Vision theology (see the documents under "Federal Vision" here). However, for some reason, the Missouri Presbytery of the PCA has decided there is "insufficient evidence" to raise a strong presumption of guilt that Meyers holds to Federal Vision theology! They have a signed confession, and yet they have insufficient evidence. I would say "unbelievable" but fewer and fewer things are truly unbelievable to me anymore.

Read more over at Wes White's blog: UPDATED: MO Presbytery’s specific exonerations of TE Meyers

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