Thursday, January 20, 2011

ARP and Erskine News

Two stories today, related to the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (ARP), and, more directly, to Erskine College and Seminary.

The first is the news that Executive Vice President of Erskine Seminary, Dr. Neely Gaston, has resigned from his position at Erskine. Read the story here. (UPDATE: The Aquila Report also is covering this news, and has a bit more info here.)

The second is a new article at ARPTalk which details some of the conversations that have happened on Facebook about and involving Dr. David Norman, president of Erskine. You can read that here.

Also noteworthy is the series of articles Dr. Norman will be writing for ARP Magazine. The first in the 3-part series is in the January issue. Together, they will present his vision for Erskine College and Seminary. I may have to resubscribe just to read them!

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