Tuesday, January 11, 2011

News Roundup

I figure it's time for another News Roundup, so here goes:

ARP/Erskine News
If you like numbers and statistics, take a look at this report at ARPTalk from last month. It gives some enrollment numbers for Erskine Theological Seminary over the past few years. Interestingly, the number of United Methodist students has declined significantly (explanation given at ARPTalk), but the number of PCUSA students has increased. I fear that will continue to be the case, until we can remove non-inerrantists from the faculty at Erskine.

In other Erskine news, Dr. David Norman recently delivered his "State of the School" report to the Board of Erskine. You can read about it at The Aquila Report. Continue to pray for Dr. Norman and his family, as he strives to manage the school. When you read the story at The Aquila Report, you will see it is no easy task he has in front of him.

PCA News
Meanwhile, in the PCA, the controversy over the Federal Vision continues. Most recently, the Missouri Presbytery exonerated Teaching Elder Jeff Meyers of teaching FV doctrine. The background for this story is that several concerned elders in the PCA sent a letter to the Missouri Presbytery about TE Meyers' teaching. MO Presbytery responded by alleging that signers of the letter had violated the Ninth Commandment and then cleared Meyers of the allegations. Doug Wilson announced the "good news" on his site. Here are links to a number of articles about this latest debacle:

MO Presbytery exonerates Federal Visionist Jeffrey Meyers of all theological errors
UPDATED: MO Presbytery’s specific exonerations of TE Meyers
Doug Wilson: “Some Heartening FV News”
TE Jeffrey Meyers Cleared by Missouri Presbytery of Allegations Against Him

In other PCA news, the next round of Presbytery meetings is about to begin, and the issue of the amendments to the BCO will be on a lot of agendas. At last count, the voting was 17 Presbyteries in favor of the amendments, 16 against. Two-thirds of all Presbyteries need to approve these amendments in order for them to be ratified, and I just don't think that will happen. Nonetheless, the Administrative Committee of the PCA is doing its best to push them through. byFaith, the denominational magazine of the PCA, published a piece on the issue, framing it as a conservative vs. liberal debate. Not the best article byFaith has ever done, in my opinion.

OPC News
And lastly in the OPC, nothing happened. Just kidding of course, but it does seem like the OPC has been strangely quiet recently. Perhaps God is giving them a bit of (well-deserved) rest. Or perhaps they have better PR people than the ARP and PCA.

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