Thursday, July 22, 2010

Read the Puritans!

Joel Beeke has posted an excellent article over at Ligonier Ministries site entitled "Why You Should Read the Puritans." He gives a brief summary of just exactly who the Puritans were, and then lists nine excellent reasons why you should be reading them:

1. Puritan writings help shape life by Scripture
2. Puritan writings show how to integrate biblical doctrine into daily life
3. Puritan writings show how to exalt Christ and see His beauty
4. Puritan writings reveal the Trinitarian character of theology
5. Puritan writings show you how to handle trials
6. Puritan writings explain true spirituality
7. Puritan writings show how to live by wholistic faith
8. Puritan writings teach the importance and primacy of preaching
9. Puritan writings show how to live in two worlds

I could not agree more with what he has to say. The Puritans represent one of the most pure forms of Biblical Christianity ever in the history of the Church. We all could learn so much by reading what these godly saints have to say, and so I exhort you: Read the Puritans!

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  1. Great post, Seth! Definitely worth sharing Beeke's article.