Friday, July 16, 2010

Joey Pipa for President! (of Covenant Seminary?)

Over at the Bayly Blog, Pastor David Bayly has posted some final thoughts on the PCA General Assembly. His first is:

Joey Pipa should be made President of Covenant Seminary.

I wholeheartedly agree! I have read a couple of Dr. Pipa's books, heard him preach, and had opportunity to meet him. He is a gracious, learned man who loves the Reformed faith. Any seminary would be better for having him as their president.

Now, I'm not sure how serious Pastor Bayly was, and quite honestly, I doubt Dr. Pipa would ever be offered or take the position of President of Covenant Seminary, but I echo the sentiment. In the meantime, Dr. Pipa is president of another seminary: Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, which I cannot recommend highly enough.

Thank God for men such as Dr. Pipa!


  1. Dr. Pipa was a real encouragement to me regarding the Sabbath.

  2. Why do you think Bayly would make the comment, knowing what a great job Dr. Pipa is doing at Greenville? Maybe Bayly wants to see Covenant change and Pipa is a great man to do it. Just curious as to where his thought originated. Guess we really don't know.

    It was neat how God providentially caused Joey Pipa (Jr.) and I to go through grade school together. It was great to be able to connect with Dr. Pipa and share with him my connection to his son. Needless to say I second, third, and fourth your comments re: Dr. Pipa!

  3. Carl,
    I think David Bayly made the comment because it is quite clear that the powers-that-be are trying to make Covenant the new "filter" for setting the PCA's direction...that is a bad thing...Dr. Pipa would help it be a better thing...of course, when he's not president that puts the PCA at the mercy of whoever leads Covenant...which underscores David's point.

  4. Covenant has a wonderful president and the seminary has both prospered under him and become a blessing to more and more people. May the tribe of covenant graduates increase! Our denominational seminary needs your support, and so does its current president. Bryan Chapell is a fruitful man who is a good preacher, homiletics professor, and has written on worship, marriage, and other topics. You can't suggest Pipa, whatever his qualifications, without considering what a loss to the seminary it would be to lose Bryan Chapell. If you have problems with his leadership, write him directly. Covenant is a real blessing to the denomination.

  5. Barlow -

    Are you criticizing Seth? If you have problems with his post, write him directly.

    Oh, wait, that means I have problems with you and should have written to you directly about writing to him directly. That 9th Commandment/Matt 18:15/anti-attack attack is tricky...

  6. Didn't mean to imply he couldn't also critique Chapell here if he likes. But I wonder if there are specific criticisms, why not write to Chapell? Calling for someone's ouster (which is what calling for Pipa's presidency implies) seems to imply that there are some specific criticisms of the current leader; may as well tell him what those things are.

  7. Jon: I can make a positive statement about one man without inferring anything about another man. I can say "Ronald Reagan for President" without inferring anything about the current President. I believe Dr. Pipa would be an excellent choice to be president of any seminary, and I can say that without implying that all other seminary Presidents are doing anything wrong.