Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Matthew Poole on the Days of Creation

On Genesis 1:5:
Others by evening understand the first night or darkness which was upon the face of the earth, ver. 2, which probably continued for the space of about twelve hours, the beginning whereof might fitly be called evening; and by morning the succeeding light or day, which may reasonably be supposed to continue the other twelve hours, or thereabouts. And this seems the truer opinion...

Were the first day; did constitute or make up the first day; day being taken largely for the natural day, consisting of twenty-four hours: these were the parts of the first day; and the like is to be understood of the succeeding days. Moreover, God, who could have made all things at once, was pleased to divide his work into six days, partly to give us occasion more distinctly and seriously to consider God's works, and principally to lay the foundation for the weekly sabbath, as is clearly intimated, Gen. 2:2-3; Exodus 20:9-11.
On Genesis 1:14:
He speaks here of natural days, consisting of twenty-four hours.

On Exodus 20:11:
In six days, and neither in more or less time, as he could have done.


  1. I love Poole.
    I think that Poole along with Matthew Henry make a great balance in commentary reading.

  2. Poole and Henry compliment one another very nicely.