Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Puritan Library

Last week, I encouraged you to read the puritans and pointed you to an article by Joel Beeke highlighting many excellent reasons to do just that. Today, I have been shown a resource devoted to helping you do just that. is a site which allows free access to hundreds of Puritan writings from a variety of authors. The site is run by the same fine folks who run (and which is a great source for buying books!).

Two notes about First, everything is available as PDFs. This is a good thing and I'm glad they chose this format as opposed to plain text files or some obscure file format. Second, the texts are not searchable. I wish they were, but even without this function, it is still a great resource.

Now, go and read the Puritans!

EDITED TO ADD: Upon further inspection, I realize not everything is available as a PDF file. Some links are to Google Books, and some are to HTML pages. Despite this, I still think it is a wonderful site!


  1. Seth- Thanks a lot for the Puritan Library link. Very nice! You actually can search the texts in PDF format. Once the PDF is fully downloaded, click the binoculars on the right hand tool bar. That brings up a search window, where you can search for any word or word combination you want in the text. Click on the reference you desire and it will take you right to it.

  2. Good point, Carl. But it would also be nice (although it would require a LOT of work) to be able to search all the works they have linked at once.