Monday, June 28, 2010

Why I am Excited About my Church

Often, when I invite people to my church they ask me what makes my church different, and I tell them three things:

1. We have a pastor who faithfully preaches the Word of God. If you come to Communion Presbyterian, you will hear the Bible expounded.

2. We have elders who are genuinely concerned for the spiritual well-being of the congregation. Our Elders do not take a distant "Board of Directors" approach to governing/shepherding the church. They care about the people at Communion Presbyterian.

3. We have kind, outgoing, hospitable members. One of the first things my wife and I noticed the first time we visited Communion was how friendly everyone was. Communion was not the first church we visited when we moved to the area, but it was by far the most friendly.

There are a lot of other things to be excited about at Communion Presbyterian, but these are the three I tell people about when they ask me about my church. Of course, I invite them to "Come and see" the many other things our church has to offer.