Monday, June 21, 2010

Christians Arrested for Witnessing to Muslims...IN THE UNITED STATES

I first saw this story on The Aquila Report. After that, I saw James White mention it on his blog. A Google News search turned up a story by the Detroit Free Press. The Detroit Free Press had a link to the website of the men arrested.

In short, what happened was, a group of men from the Acts 17 Apologetics Ministry went to the Arab Festival in Dearborn, Michigan to witness to Muslims. Four of these men were arrested for "disturbing the peace." As is documented on their website, these men certainly did not disturb the peace, and I am sure they will be vindicated. However, as James White points out on his blog, the reaction from the press is startling--startling, in that, there isn't one. Can you imagine the coverage something like this would be getting if Muslims had been hauled away in handcuffs to cries of "Hallelujah!"? But, the best I could find was a short write up in the Detroit Free Press. That is why I am mentioning it here. Not that my blog gets so much traffic, but the more people know about this, the better.

[Note: I was not familiar with Acts 17 Apologetics Ministries before seeing this story on The Aquila Report, and so I cannot endorse their theology (because I do not know enough about it), but I do applaud their efforts to bring the light of the Gospel to the darkness of Islam.]

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