Friday, June 18, 2010

Dabney Archive

Robert Lewis Dabney (1820-1898) was arguably the most influential Southern Presbyterian theologian in history and one of the greatest theologians the United States has ever produced. He wrote extensively, taught theology for several decades in both Virginia and Texas, and was chaplain to Gen. Stonewall Jackson (his biography of Jackson is still in print) among other accomplishments.

Sadly, by the end of Dabney's life, he could correctly lament "I have no audience." Thankfully, Dabney is beginning to have an audience once again. And it seems like someone wants that audience to grow!

I stumbled upon the Dabney Archive months ago while doing research for a paper on Dabney. I don't know who owns or operates the site, but what they have done is scan all of Dabney's works and uploaded them as PDFs. The PDFs are searchable, which is a great help and they seem to have everything of Dabney's on the site.

If you are the person (or persons) responsible for this site: Thank you! If you are interested in reading some of the finest Presbyterian theology ever written: go over to the Dabney Archive and start reading now!

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