Wednesday, June 30, 2010

EPC: Speeding Down "PCUSA Road" as Fast as They Can?

I found the sequence of headlines on The Aquila Report this evening interesting. This headline:

Evangelical Presbyterian Church Clears Way for Women to Serve as Pastors

Was followed by this headline:

Will Presbyterian Church USA Redefine Marriage?

And then this one:

PCUSA Net Membership Loss for 2009 Totals 63,000 Members, Another 3%

Does anyone in the EPC realize that one thing leads to another, the end result being the death (spiritual followed by numerical) of your denomination?

I realize that there are a number of churches leaving the PCUSA to go into the EPC, but I wonder if the EPC realizes just how much of the PCUSA they are welcoming into the EPC?


  1. In a few short years, the EPC has become larger than the ARP. That has got to be a little addicting! However, the EPC is discussing dual presbyteries where one is complimentarian and the other egalitarian. Wonder how that will work?

  2. "During his oral report to the commissioners of the 30th GA of the EPC meeting at Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church in Englewood, Colo., Jeremiah said, “When I took this position three years ago, there were 185 congregations in the EPC. Now there are 287.""

  3. I agree. We attended an EPC church in the Dallas area for a short period of time. There were some clear problems in the EPC back then. Drinking even more dirty water with PCUSA churches coming in is only going to lead to a deeper pit of problems, not the path to the return of orthodoxy that the EPC really needs.

  4. RevK: Yes, the lure of astronomical growth must be very tempting. But, I assume a man starving to death would also be very tempted by rotten food, as well.

  5. Carl: I have sympathy for many in the EPC, as I know there are still many orthodox Reformed pastors/congregations in the EPC (as well as many less-than-orthodox pastors and congregations, as well). But, when you let in folks from the PCUSA, this is what you get. I hope the rest of the reformed Church can learn from this.

  6. "Judge not lest thou be judged."
    As a PCUSA member who is struggling with the evil changes being forced down my throat, I resent Mr. Stark's remarks.
    There are plenty of good conservative christians in the PCUSA who are struggling with what God is calling them to do.
    As I see it, I would rather start a church from the ground up. I don't want PCUSA property. Jesus started His ministry with 2 fisherman!
    Praise God, my first encounter with an EPC member was not Mr. Stark.

  7. Anonymous: First, I am not in the EPC, nor have I ever been. I am in the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (ARP for short). You can learn more about my denomination here: Second, there may be good "conservative" Christians left in the PCUSA, but they should not be struggling with what God is calling them to do. The PCUSA long ago abandoned its calling to be a faithful witness of Jesus Christ. If you are a Christian in the PCUSA, get out!

  8. I AM a Christian. I struggle with wanting to stay and fight for what is right and leaving the evil element behind.
    What about the children? You are not walking in my shoes!

  9. Anonymous: How, exactly are you fighting for what is right in the PCUSA? What resolutions have you introduced to uphold the inerrancy of Scripture? The sanctity of human life? The ordination of males alone to the office of elder? I am willing to surmise that if, in fact, you were fighting the right battles, you would be kicked out (see J. Gresham Machen).

    I am not walking in your shoes, it's true. But, there are other viable options for you out there. In addition, I would exhort you to be careful about where and with whom you are walking (Psalm 1).

  10. "Jesus loves me! He will stay,
    Close beside me all the way;
    He's prepared a home for me,
    And some day His face I'll see."
    I am not afraid.....I know He loves and saves me!
    No sense in communicating anymore. I have a greater understanding of what I am NOT looking for in a church home. It isn't PCUSA, but it isn't a judgement seat either. That's Jesus' business!

  11. He who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall