Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How to Discern God's Will

Last night, I lead my church's Monday night Bible study. The topic was "How to Discern God's Will." Here are my notes (based on chapter 7 of Joseph Pipa's The Westminster Confession of Faith Study Book):

How to Discern God's Will
(Remember Romans 8:28)

1. Read/know/apply your Bible! (Deut. 29:29; Psalm 119:98-100)
2. Pray (John 14:13-14; 1 John 5:14).
3. Ask God to examine you and show you your faults/selfish motives (Psalm 139:23-24).
4. Consider the consequences of your decision and weigh the pros and cons (Phil. 1:21-25).
5. Seek wise counsel (Prov. 11:14).

Edited to Add:
I did not know this until this morning, but, Renewing Your Mind (the broadcast ministry of Ligonier Ministries and Dr. R. C. Sproul) is giving away a CD series entitled "Knowing God's Will" if you make a donation of any amount to their ministry. How timely!

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