Thursday, February 17, 2011

WCF Sunday School Week 3: Of The Holy Scriptures, Part 2

I'm playing catch up, as I am now a week behind on posting the resources used in my Westminster Confession of Faith Sunday School class at Communion Presbyterian. On February 6, we covered the second half of Chapter 1 (sections 7 through 10). We dealt with the issues of perspicuity, interpretation, and preservation of Scripture. I drew heavily from A. A. Hodge's Commentary on the Confession for this lesson. I've posted below my notes (there was no handout this week), as well as a couple of links for further reading. When I upload the audio from the class, I will add that to this post, as well. Notes and handouts for previous classes can be found by clicking on the Westminster Confession of Faith Sunday School Class link in the "Labels" list on the right side of the site.

Week 3 Lecture Notes

Further Reading:
Hills, Edward F. The King James Version Defended. (The Christian Research Press, 1997). NOTE: Although the title would lead you to believe this is a "King James Only" work, Hills simply applies the principles of the WCF to the text of the New Testament.

Letis, Theodore. The Ecclesiastical Text: Text Criticism, Biblical Authority, and the Popular Mind. (The Institute for Renaissance and Reformation Biblical Studies, 2000). NOTE: This book is out of print and extremely difficult to find. The library at Biola University has a copy, but that is the only one copy in Southern California that I know of!

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  1. Seth,
    I can get you contact info to get the Ecclesiastical Text if you drop me an email.

    --Larry Bray