Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dabney on Confessionalism and 6 Day Creation

I would beg you to notice how distinctly either of the current theories [Gap Theory or Day-Age Theory] contradicts the standards of our Church. See Conf. of Faith, ch. iv, §1. Larger Cat., que. 15, 120. Our Confession is not inspired ; and if untrue, it should be refuted. But if your minds are made up to adopt either of these theories, then it seems to me that common honesty requires of you two things ; to advertise your Presbyteries, when you apply for license and ordination, of your disbelief of these articles; that they may judge whether they are essential to our system of doctrine ; and second; to use your legitimate influences as soon as you become church rulers, to have these articles expunged from our standards as false.

Robert Dabney, Lectures in Systematic Theology (Grand Rapids: Zondervon, 1972), 256.