Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Al Mohler Sees that One Thing Leads to Another

After reading about the two professors at Calvin College who say we must redefine our doctrine of original sin because of evolutionary theory, I saw an article by Dr. Albert Mohler which confirmed what I wrote. Dr. Mohler writes (emphasis added):

If evolution is true, then the entire narrative of the Bible has to be revised and reinterpreted. The evolutionary account is not only incompatible with any historical affirmation of Genesis – it is also incompatible with the claim that all humanity is descended from Adam and the claim that in Adam all humanity fell into sin and guilt. The Bible’s account of the Fall and its consequences is utterly incompatible with evolutionary theory. The third chapter of Genesis is as problematic for evolutionary theory as the first two.
See the entire article by Dr. Mohler, here: Creation vs. Evolution: The New Shape of the Debate.

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