Friday, August 27, 2010

Robert Dabney the Architect?

My friend, Andrew Myers has posted an interesting piece at Virginia is for Huguenots. In it, he gives us some insights into Robert Dabney's other job title (no, not chaplain for Stonewall Jackson): Church Architect. I have always been an avid fan of church architecture, and love reading Dabney's works, so this piece really made my day. Thanks, Andrew!

Some interesting things to note: Dabney, as many Presbyterians were, was opposed to musical instruments in worship. He designed church buildings to specifically prevent instruments, such as organs, from being brought into the church. Our church buildings will reflect our theology!

Another interesting tidbit was that Dabney did not call the sanctuary the "sanctuary." He associated that term with Episcopalianism, and preferred to call the meeting room of the congregation the "auditorium." I'll have to think long and hard about what I call our meeting room from now on.

Head over to Virginia is for Huguenots to read the entire article (and while you are there, read a few others. Andrew also posts interesting stuff!).

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  1. That is interesting. I will check out the article. Thanks!