Wednesday, August 25, 2010

King's College Post

It has come to my attention that the Christianity Today article which I referenced in the now-deleted post about King's College, Tim Keller, and Gospel Ecosystems wrongly stated that Marvin Olasky is an elder at Redeemer Presbyterian Church of New York City. In fact, he is an elder at a Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Texas, which is not affiliated with Redeemer NYC. It is an easy mistake to make on the part of the author of the Christianity Today article.

Note to PCA: Please, introduce some variety into your churches' names.


  1. It's not an accident that they're all called Redeemer and that we adopted Gospel eco-systems as the church planting model of the PCA.

  2. The CT story is still correct. He's a member of Keller's church and an inactive PCA elder in his Texas Redeemer.

  3. Brothers,

    Marvin Olasky (God bless him and Susan) is NOT a member of Redeemer Austin, or an inactive elder here. He was a RE at Redeemer Austin until 2005. In 2004 he took a year's teaching position at Princeton University and upon his return to Austin transferred his membership to All Saints PCA in Austin, a very fine congregation in our city and the South Texas Presbytery. The Olasky's subsequently moved to NYC, and they now attend Redeemer Manhattan.

    Now as for affiliation, Redeemer Austin is in the PCA. So is Redeemer Manhattan.

    That's a very fine affiliation as I see things.