Thursday, May 6, 2010

Charges Filed Against Dr. Hering of Erskine

The Aquila Report is reporting that charges have been filed against Dr. Hering by the session of his church (Unity ARP in Piedmont, NC). The charges are that Dr. Hering, who was party to the lawsuit against the ARP, failed "to promote the unity, peace, purity and prosperity of the church" (the irony of the session of Unity ARP filing this charges is not lost on me).

I am glad to see this happening. Not because I am happy to see discord in the body of Christ, but because this is the appropriate action to take against all those who are in the ARP and who are participants in this lawsuit. I do pray that Dr. Hering repents, and I encourage you to pray the same. I also pray that the ARP has the fortitude to see this issue through to the end. We are still at the beginning stages of what could be a very long fight for Erskine.

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