Thursday, May 13, 2010

ARPTalk and Screwtape's letter

The latest issue of ARPTalk is out (as a side note: ARPTalk is now located at and is done in more of a blog style than the old PDF-download style. I like the new look!). One of the articles in this latest edition is a letter from Screwtape. The piece, much like C. S. Lewis' Screwtape Letters, is rather insightful. In short, the enemy knows that all they have to do to win is wait. Eventually, the good men in the ARP (and there are plenty of them!) will grow tired of fighting, or will be distracted by "more important" issues, or will even, perhaps, give into the suggestion that they shouldn't have been fighting about this in the first place. Once these good men relent, the enemy can go on doing what they want with Erskine and it can continue it's descent into secularism.

After reading through this letter, I am left asking myself: would any elder let what is happening at Erskine happen in his own church?

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