Tuesday, June 23, 2015

John Chapter 6:1-40

Tonight, we'll be looking at the first half of John 6. Here is the handout for tonight's study: Handout.

And here is the outline of the chapter:


  1. The Fourth Sign - Feeding the Multitude (6:1-15)
  2. The Fifth Sign- Walking on the Water (6:16-21)
  3. the Fourth Discourse - The Bread of Life (6:22-66)
    1. The Audience Gathers (6:22-25)
    2. Food that Abides (6:26-27)
    3. The Works of God (6:28-29)
    4. The Bread of Life (6:30-40)
    5. Christ and the Bread (6:41-51)
    6. Eating the Flesh and Drinking the Blood (6:52-59)
    7. Words that are Spirit and Life (6:60-66)
  4. Peter’s Confession (6:67-71)


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