Friday, January 27, 2012

TD Jakes, Trinitarianism, and Asking Hard Questions

There is a little bit of buzz around TD Jakes' appearance on (in?) the Elephant Room to answer questions and discuss theology with Mark Driscoll and James McDonald. Some have said that based on Jakes' answer to questions about the Trinity, we should now accept that he has given up his Pentecostal Oneness-ism and embraced orthodox Trinitarianism. I think none of the right questions were asked of Jakes, and a correct definition of the Trinity was entirely missing from the conversation (a transcript of which can be read here), thus making any affirmations of the Trinity meaningless.

Carl Trueman has posted some of his thoughts, which I agree with, here. Only he says them better than I can (and he says Frank Turk says things better than he can, which I guess makes Frank Turk two levels above me :) ). Trueman's conclusion is something we all need to remember: "It is not hateful to press the hard questions, and to do so with appropriate competence and in a suitable context; rather, it is appropriate and necessary."

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