Monday, October 24, 2011

Churchmanship is not Penmanship by Dean Turbeville

The Aquila Report has posted an excellent little article on the important, but much neglected, discipline of churchmanship. Rev. Dean Turbeville (ARP) makes a strong argument for this forgotten practice:

Churchmanship is also a crucible of the soul and battlefield for the kingdom. Paul’s language to the Galatians is almost war-like. And nobody’s light burned brighter for the maintenance of the visible church in faithfulness like Jesus Christ, of whom it was said, “zeal for the Lord’s House consumes him (John 2:17).”
 Rev. Turbeville goes on to list seven practical steps "toward obedient churchmanship," including:
Both large church officers and small church officers are presbyters and should contribute in this way. No false modesty or unbiblical inferiority complex should thwart the vows we all made at our ordination. And the same can be said for ordained seminary professors: it is your church too!
Love your fellow presbyters as brothers, but be willing at any point to do the right thing for Christ and the church, even if your best friend thinks differently.
 The entire article is worth reading, and can be found here:  Churchmanship is not penmanship!

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