Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Erskine Tenure News

Inside Higher Ed (by no means a neutral news source) is reporting that Dr. Jay Hering has been denied tenure by President David Norman. Now, a "greivance committee" is complaining about this decision by Dr. Norman. .

According to the Inside Higher Ed report, Dr. Norman says that Dr. Hering's denial of tenure has nothing to do with Hering's involvement in last year's lawsuit against the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church. The report states:

Norman denies that Hering's involvement in the legal action is at all tied to the tenure decision. According to the grievance committee report, Norman says he denied tenure to Hering because the tenure process was flawed, and the president would not go into more detail.
I, for one, will take Dr. Norman at his word. The report has other news in it as well, such as the fact that Dr. Michael Bush is no longer at Erskine (well, news to me, at least).

Feel free to read the entire article here, but, again, keep in mind that Inside Higher Ed is no friend of the ARP or of any church oversight of colleges or seminaries.

Also, continue to pray for Dr. Norman and his family, as well as the Board of Erskine. This was, no doubt, a difficult decision for Dr. Norman, and, as can be seen in the article, he is already taking a lot of flack for it. May God continue to strengthen him and continue the reformation of Erskine College and Seminary.


  1. In any event, what would be so wrong with denying tenure because of the professor's involvement in the lawsuit? Isn't a condition of employment supposed to include living and conducting one's business in a manner consistent with Scripture?

  2. Good point, Van. I wonder what the process for tenure is (in general, not Erskine specific). I guess I need to read up on that. My uneducated assumption was that you hang around long enough and you get in the club.