Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Timeline of Presbyterian and Reformed Denominations in the US

A few months ago, I put together a chart showing the various mergers and splits among Reformed denominations in the US. My chart shows both Presbyterian and Reformed denominations and is, I hope, a cleaner version than some other charts out there. Below are links to PDF, PNG, and SVG versions. Please feel free to leave feedback in the comments. I hope the chart is useful to you!

I have edited the timeline to now include the Netherlands Reformed Congregations, the Free Reformed Churches of North America, the Covenant Presbytery group split and re-merger with the Bible Presbyterian Church, and the correct date for the formation of the Evaneglical Presbyterian Church (1956-1965). I have not included the Canadian and American Reformed Church (CANRC), simply because of their 55 congregations, only 4 are located in the United States. If I were to include the CANRC, I feel I would have to include other Canadian denominations, and I don't wish to do that, at this time. All links below show the latest edits.

Also, I would love to include the various Korean Presbyterian denominations that exist in the United States, but have no sources for information about them. If anyone would like to point me to sources, I will add them to the chart.

Timeline Of Reformed and Presbyterian Denominations in the United States
PDF Version
PNG Version
SVG Version


  1. It depends how complex you want to make the chart, but I have a few suggestions on the Dutch side. You could include the Free Reformed (frcna.org) and the American Reformed Churches (canrc.org). Also, it would probably be good to show that the Heritage Reformed Congregations came out of the Netherlands Reformed Congregations.

  2. Thank you, Bryan. I will add those groups as best I can, and update the link when I'm done.

  3. Bryan, see the "UPDATE" above. Thank you for the suggestions and information!

  4. Thanks for your work on this! Very helpful.

  5. Just thought of a couple others...the WPCUS (www.wpcus.org), CREC (www.crechurches.org)