Wednesday, November 17, 2010

ARPTalk Issue 37

A new issue of ARPTalk is out. It contains three articles:

1. Ebenezer and Ralph's Story
2. Why I Really, Really, Really want to Attend Erskine Seminary
3. Things You Wanted to Know but were Afraid to Ask

All three are excellent (as usual), but here are some quick thoughts on each.

Ebenezer and Ralph's Story: If you ever had a high opinion of the ARP, this article will cure you of it. I believe Rev. Wilson puts things into perspective with his apt illustration of the fight over Erskine as two dung beetles fighting over a huge pile of elephant feces. I still hold out hope that Erskine can be transformed into something more than a steamy pile of droppings, but do we in the ARP have the resolve to see those difficult changes through? It is unclear at this time if we do.

Why I Really, Really, Really Want to Attend Erskine Seminary: This article distinguishes between why a potential seminarian wants to attend Erskine, and why a potential seminarian ought to want to attend Erskine.

Things You Wanted to Know but were Afraid to Ask
: I can sum up my response to this article by saying "Thank God for our Canadian ARPers!" Those brothers have their house in order! Would that the rest of the denomination were more like them.

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