Friday, October 22, 2010

Latest Artiles at ARPTalk: Not for the Weak of Stomach

If you want to read something that can potentially make you sick, I point you to the latest articles posted at ARPTalk. The first, reporting on the latest actions of First Presbytery in regard to the issue of whether or not to try Parker Young for suing the church, can be found here. It gives much more detail than the story from The Aquila Report from a few days ago.

The second, which reports on the actions (or lack thereof) of Second Presbytery in regard to bringing charges against Jay Hering, who attempted to sue the ARP, can be read here. I warn you though, this piece could make those a weak constitution a bit quesy. The logic behind the actions of Second Presbytery are quite disgusting. I also note the involvement of Randy Ruble and Neely Gaston in the actions of Second Presbytery. Nothing like your former bosses (who would have been directly affected by a new Board of Erskine, which Hering's non-suit was attempting stop from coming into power) covering for you, right?