Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Office Hours Interview with Pastor Terry Johnson

R. Scott Clark, professor at Westminster Seminary California has posted a wonderful interview with Terry Johnson, pastor of Independent Presbyterian Church of Savannah, Georgia. Pastor Johnson makes some great points in his critique of the modern evangelical approach to worship, and he also has some valid warnings for the Reformed church, as well.

I encourage you to listen to the interview, here.


  1. That interview is great, Seth! Thanks for sharing it. I looked at the IPC website also. I was impressed with the page on their "core values" for church planting.

  2. I REALLY enjoyed hearing Terry Johnson at the Twin Lakes Fellowship a few years ago. It was all a wonderful confirmation of what we were doing. Although, I thought that most of what he shared in this interview was great, I do quibble about what should be at the "center" of a sanctuary and I am more accommodating to contemporary music when it provides what we appreciate most about the hymns and psalms.