Monday, February 8, 2010

News Round-Up

Here's a round-up of recent blogs and news related to Elders and Presbyterian Government.

First, Dr. Scott. Clark has an interesting analysis of Tim Keller's "Multi-Site Model" of church planting. Here's a tidbit to get you interested:

The collegiate model that Tim articulates sounds like a sort of parallel presbytery where one session is the presbytery or classis for multiple “collegiate" congregations. How does this model relate to what we’ve traditionally considered presbyteries and classes? What oversight does the presbytery or classis actually have over these various bodies that are
de facto congregations but nominally a single congregation?"

Second, here is a great chronology of the matters happening in the Siouxlands Presbytery of the PCA up til now. Note that one of the (former) members of that Presbytery who voted NOT to approve the committee study condemning the Federal Vision is now a professor at Erskine. I didn't know that until reading this post. Also, note how long it has taken to deal with this issue. (The chronology starts back in April of 2005). Presbyterian government moves slowly, most of the time. Elders need to be patient and persevere!

Third, a discussion was started on the Puritan Board when someone asked "What minimum age should a Ruling Elder be?" Of course, Biblically there is no minimum age, as the requirements for Elder are spiritual maturity. Some other good points are raised in the discussion, as well.

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  1. Sir,

    Thank you very much for doing this blog. It is my sincere prayer that the ruling elders in the Reformed denominations wake up and rightly exercise the authority given them by God.

    TE Brian Carpenter
    Siouxlands Presbytery