Wednesday, January 27, 2010

From "The Form of Presbyterial Church-Government"

Other Church-Governors.
As there were in the Jewish church elders of the people joined with the priests and Levites in the government of the church;[1] so Christ, who hath instituted government, and governors ecclesiastical in the church, hath furnished some in his church, beside the ministers of the word, with gifts for government, and with commission to execute the same when called thereunto, who are to join with the minister in the government of the church.[2] Which officers reformed churches commonly call Elders.

Of the Officers of a particular Congregation.

For officers in a single congregation, there ought to be one at the least, both to labour in the word and doctrine, and to rule. [3]

[1] 2 Chron. 19:8,9,10.
[2] Rom. 12:7,8. 1 Cor. 12:28.
[3] Prov. 29:18. 1 Tim. 5:17. Heb. 13:7.


  1. Congratulations on creating this new site! It's an important subject and undoubtedly will be of great use to the Churches.

    God bless you!

    Pastor D.T. Stark
    Grace Presbyterian Church
    Redding, California

  2. I think the ARP requires that a church must have at least 2 ruling elders to in order to be 'considered' as an ARP church. These two REs would then need to be on the hunt for a Teaching Elder. A church may not particularize until there is at least 2 REs and a TE.

    I think,